Unlimited freedom


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Discover the Chiemgau Alps


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Ruhpolding lies right in the heartland of the Bavarian Alps. The Chiemgau region welcomes its visitors with an endless wealth of untouched nature and uniquely wonderful impressions. Hike and cycle past streams as clear as glass. In good weather, the peaks and lakes of the surrounding area invite you. We recommend the indoor wave pool “Vita Alpina”, with its new sauna suite and generous open-air facilities, at any time.

Biathlon World Cup in Ruh­polding

The Chiemgau Arena is the most modern sports facility in Ruhpolding and one of the most popular attractions. Top class winter sports events are held here in the season, but the Arena can also be visited in summer. Tours are available, and you can even show off your own skills at the Biathlon shooting range. There is bound to be something for all the family on this tour. And the Chiemgau Arena is only 7 km away from the hotel.

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Magical tours

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Hiking is the only way to get to the most beautiful nooks and crannies of the mountains. And the feeling of reaching a peak is simply uplifting. Try it!

Discover the people and the countryside

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All cyclists set their own speed when they’re on their bikes. Some charge down mountains at breakneck speed, others like to go at a more comfortable pace. The Chiemgau offers the right route for every visitor.

Enjoy winter splendour

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Winter­ sports

Skiing and snowboarding are very popular sports in the Chiemgau. Mix with the locals and weave your way down the best prepared pistes and fields of deep snow.

Up on high

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Mountain­ climbing

There is probably no more magnificent feeling than that of standing on a mountain peak. The nearby peaks such as Hochfelln and Rauschberg reward those who climb them with unparalleled views.

Up above the clouds

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Flying opens up a completely new perspective on the Alps for pilot and passengers. Fly yourself or book a charter or tandem flight and go up in the air.

Time for a game

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An imposing number of golf courses make the Chiemgau a hot spot for golfers. If you love both mountains and golf, you could hardly find a better place for your hobby.


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The mirror of the Alps

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There’s a good reason for the Chiemsee’s reputation as a paradise for all kinds of sporting activities. Along with swimming and diving there is a lively scene using the lake for windsurfing, sailing and kite surfing.

A place to dream


The Königssee is in the Berchtesgaden National Park and many people consider it the most beautiful lake in the world. It’s best to go and see for yourself; the lake is always worth a visit!

Just like a fairy tale

Fairy tale & adventure park

The Märchenpark Marquartstein in the Chiemgau will delight families with its mechanical attractions, a summer toboggan course and all kinds of fun and games for children of all ages.


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Art & tradition


Centuries ago, this small Alpine community was a centre of salt and metal mining. Discover the historic parts of the town on a tour or visit one of the museums.

In Mozart’s Footsteps


Salzburg, the Mozart City, is only 50 km to the east of Ruhpolding and can be reached by car in a mere 45 minutes. The perfect destination for a day trip out.

Bavarian mini-Versailles

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Herrenchiemsee Palace

This complex, consisting of the old and new palace, is a copy of the Palace of Versailles in Paris. It is located on Herrenchiemsee, the largest island in the Chiemsee.